Services we provide

Data Architecture and Modeling

  • Collect business requirements and understand application architecture
  • Create conceptual, logical and physical data models with Sybase PowerDesigner, ERWin or Visio
  • Create and maintain data dictionary

Application and Database Development

  • Involve at different stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Develop application and database code to support business
  • Create and execute unit tests to verify code against requirements

Build and Deploy Automation

  • Build projects with Visual Studio and/or MSBuild
  • Source control with Team Foundation Server (TFS), Github, Subversion
  • Continuous integration with TeamCity, build and deploy with TFS Build

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

  • Create relational data model for Operational Data Store(ODS) and dimensional data model for Data Warehouse
  • Design ETL processes to load data to ODS and Data Warehouse
  • Create OLAP Cubes to support Business Intelligence (BI) analysis
  • Create management reports to support critical business decisions

Maintenance and Operational Support

  • Select software vendors and licensing options
  • Install and upgrade database management system (DBMS) software
  • Create and monitor database maintain plans and tune database performance
  • Manage security and audit to ensure compliance and detect intrusion
  • Establish disaster recovery plan and verify periodically to ensure data is safe